Just the hope – 2007

28th set 2012music,

Duccio Armenise – Just the hope – 2007

Every day it seems the same
There’s no shame and no fame
I can see just the shade as I fall in blue
Cause this life seems so untrue.
And I can’t stand that door forever locked
To Ignore everyone who ever knocked
And I’m here all alone with my fears
So sick and tired to waste my tears
So I go and find…

Just the hope to live this life
I take my doubts and leave behind
Stand up and begin to walk
To change the rules of this world.

One more time gettin’drunk to see the world disappear
How long have I been here?
But I know there’s still a light burnin’in my core
So won’t give up, and I go open that door
And you’ll find..

So when you’re lost in your pain
And think every thing is in vain
Just remember there is someone inside
Who needs you don’t be blind!